Package org.maverickdbms.basic

Interface Summary
DictionaryFile DictionaryFile provides a representation of a MV type dictionary file.
Field Field provides a representation of a MV type field.
File File provides arepresentation of a MV type file.
Formatter Formatter provides an interface for using various formatting classes
List Class to represent a select list
Program Program is an interface designed to represent the BASIC program.
Terminal This is the basic terminal interface for the package.
Variable This is the basic variable interface for the package.

Class Summary
Array Class to represent fixed size arrays.
AtVariable Class to reporesent the special @ variables used by BASIC programs
BatchProgram BatchProgram is an class designed to run a sequential list of programs
Condition This class represents a single condition in a query
ConstantString This is the basic string interface for the package.
DefaultResolver Default resolver implemenation.
Delimiter This is the set of delimiters needed for strings
Factory Factory is a factory class to produce and recycle objects needed by the BASIC program.
InputChannel Class provides input routines needed by the compiler
Key This is the class which holds a binary representation of the query
LabelStack Class to handle the current label to be executed
OSFile OSFile provides an implementation of a MV OS file.
SequentialFile SequentialFile provides an implementartion of a MV sequential file.
Session The Session class is designed to be a continer to hold session specific data for the user.
SortField SortField provides a representation of a MV sort criteria.
SubroutineStack Class to handle the stack while gosub is being executed.

Exception Summary
StopException Sepeial case of mvException generated by the BASIC STOP statement.