What's this then?

MaVerick is a project to produce a free open source Multivalue Database Management System.

It is intended to provide a flexible and readily extendable implementation suitable for use in a new century.

The MaVerick project was started in 1999 on the comp.databases.pick newsgroup by a collection of multivalue users. See the project history for details.

What's a MultiValue Database?

MultiValue databases have been around for about 30 years, starting off with The Pick Operating System. You've probably heard of relational databases, well, MultiValue databases can be relational, but their method of storing data is much more flexible than the 2 dimensional table you normally associate with relational databases, i.e., you can store multiple fields within a field. On top of which, they are extremely fast in operation.

For a detailed explanation take a look at the following page, by Mike Ganz, on the MultiValue Databases web site.

The Story So Far...

MaVerick 0.3 Release
2006-03-14 17:12 - MaVerickDBMS
Multiple improvements to basic compiler, query language, runtime and file system.
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New MaVerick Website
2004-09-28 16:39 - MaVerickDBMS
New website has been uploaded to:
New site features a dynamically generated status page (see sidebar) that lets you easily keep up to date with latest changes in the source.
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MaVerick 0.2.2 Release
2002-12-30 06:04 - MaVerickDBMS
New release updates MQL functionality, can now sort and select with criteria using MQL statements(using linear hash db driver).
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