Setting up the UD Resolver

The ud resolver is a front end that intends to make maverick appear like the ud system.

It is not a database in itself and cannot read or write native ud files. Instead it is intended to be an emulator designed to provide a compatible environment for ud users and applications.

To set up the ud resolver follow the steps below

  1. Create an Account

    First an account with a VOC file(the ud equivalent of Pick's MD file) must be created. To do this create a new directory and run the ud CREATE.ACCOUNT routine:

                $ mkdir testacct
                $ cd testacct
                $ RUN org.maverickdbms.resolver.ud.CREATE_056ACCOUNT

    The CREATE.ACCOUNT program will create a VOC file in the current directory containing basic entries needed by the ud resolver

  2. Start the Resolver

    Once a VOC file has been created the ud resolver can be run. In the directory in which CREATE.ACCOUNT was run type:

                $ RUN org.maverickdbms.resolver.ud.Resolver SH

    This will cause the resolver to run and bootstrap a ECL/TCL shell prompt. To make invocation easier the above line can be put into a shell script ie '' or 'ud.bat' or similar.

  3. Create a test program

    As usual try to run a "Hello World" program.

                :CREATE.FILE DIR BP
                :ED BP TEST
                New Item
                0001=PRINT "Hello World!"
                TEST Filed in  BP
                :BASIC BP TEST
                :ED VOC TEST
                New Item
                TEST Filed in  VOC
                Hello World!