Telnet Server Install

The Telnet Server is designed to allow Telnet clients to connect to a maverick shell.

Installation Instructions

To install the Telnet server follow these steps:

  1. Get telnetd library

    To run the telnet server maverick requires the telnetd library.It is obtainable from here:

    Currently maverick requires a modified version of the 2.0 version. The diff file to make the modifications is here:

    Rebuild telnet-2.0 with the patch and copy the resulting telnetd.jar file to the maverick/lib directory. Note the snapshot build comes with a prebuilt telnetd.jar ready for use, so this step may be skipped.

  2. Install JAAS module

    This is perhaps the most difficult section of the install. To provide a authentication layer need to install and configure a JAAS module. This varies depending on how you wish authentication to done on your server.

    Please see the Install Authentication page for further details on completing this step.

  3. Update

    There are a number of configuration options available for the Telnet Server

    org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.banner={Banner message to display on login}
    org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.config_dir={Directory holding config info ie jaas.config}
    org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.login_config={JAAS Config file, default: jaas.config}
    org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.login_context_name={JAAS login context, default: MaVerick}
    org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.interface={Network interface the server listens to, default: localhost} port={Default port number, default: 6666}
  4. Start Server
    RUN org.maverickdbms.server.telnet.Server

The server should now be running(by default on localhost port 6666). Try logging in with a telnet client say putty