Installing Berkely DB

This README file will help you setup MaVerick DBMS to use the bdb driver. READ THIS: Before I continue, we are not currently sure whether or not the BerkeleyDB driver is ok for use with closed-source applications. While you can use it for testing on your own site, do not distribute any programs that have been linked to the bdb driver unless you are prepared to pay Sleepycat for a license, or release the code under their licensing terms. This condition may change in the future, but we do not expect it to.

  1. Get a copy of the BerkeleyDB 3 sources on your system.
  2. Unpack them and follow their instructions for a build on your system. Unix/Linux: the configure commands need the additional options of --enable-shared and --enable-java Others: I have not attempted it. Please email me with the differences if there are any.
  3. Once the C libraries are built, and installed somewhere on the system, copy db.jar into your MaVerick lib directory. So if MaVerick were installed at /home/user/maverick, you would put the file in /home/user/maverick/lib
  4. In etc/maverick.ini, set DATABASE_DRIVER to org.maverickdbms.database.bdb.bdbDataInterface
  5. Add a parameter at the bottom org.maverickdbms.database.bdb.accountpath=/path/to/your/new/account Note: This directory must exist already.
  6. run MVSH and run 'CREATE-FILE TESTFILE'
  7. run 'LIST TESTFILE'

That should be all that is required. After this, you can use the (quite fast) BerkeleyDB files to store data in MaVerick.

If you have any questions/comments/praises(preferred:)/suggestions, please email me Clint Byrum