MaVerick Origins

Here is a quick history constructed from newsgroup postings for the origins of the MaVerick project. The posting were obtained from Google Groups so it's possible some bits are missing(ie X-No-Archive)

The first postings in amongst the noise - 7 April 1999

First Proposal - 13 April 1999

Second Proposal - 14 April 1999

Third Proposal - 19 April 1999

After this everything went off to a separate mailing list which i dont have an archive for, but basically everyone involved had a different idea or vision on how things should be done. Licensing and group organization were the main issues.

Eventually somehow around October 1999 the whole thing got off the ground when from scratch i(Robert) started working on a runtime and Clint on a compiler which we licensed under LGPL and became the current MaVerick project.

Postscript - just to prove there are really no new ideas, from 1996: